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Therapeutic Massage



For more detailed description of services please follow link; Descriptions.

If you are not sure what you want or need Desiree can help you at time of appointment.


FIRST STEP....choose why you are in need massage.  Base Rate: $30 for 30-minutes

The Therapeutic massage is for those who want to reduce soft tissue, joint and muscular pain and tension. (30-90 minutes)

The Relaxation massage is for those who want to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression or simply want to feel good.  (30-60 minutes)

The Therapeutic-Relaxation Combo Massage is for those who need to reduce both stress and muscular pain and tension. (30-90 minutes)

The Pre-natal Massage is to help mom-to-be relax and ease areas of pain and tension.  (30-60 minutes)

The Fertility Massage  is for those who are having trouble conceiving in a timely matter. Bodywork techniques are designed to relax and balance the body to encourage conception.  (This is a 90-120 minute service with acupressure, reflexology and essential oils added.)

SECOND STEP...Simply add on time and/or services to your base massage.

 (Surcharge for weekends/holidays applies)


Massage Therapy ($10 for each additional 15 minutes; ie, $50 total for 60 minutes.)

Essential oil massage blend added to coconut massage oil.  (Complimentary)

Hot Stones (add $10 to any length of massage)

Cupping ($10 for each add. 15 minutes)

Abdominal Massage Castor oil pack, heat and essential oils ($10)

Foot Reflexology ($10 for each add. 15 minutes)

Acupressure ($10 for each add. 15 minutes)

Facial Massage ($20 for 15 minutes; Includes hot towels, essential oil and warm bamboo.)

Aroma-therapeutic Body Balancing inhalation and application of seven essential oils ($10)

Weekends/special day/holiday services ($15 surcharge per massage)








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