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Therapeutic Massage






For more detailed description of services please follow link; Descriptions.

If you are not sure what you want or need Desiree can help you at time of appointment.


FIRST STEP....choose why you are in need massage.

The Therapeutic massage is for those who want to reduce soft tissue, joint and muscular pain and tension. (30-90 minutes)

The Relaxation massage is for those who want to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression or general wellness.  (30-60 minutes)

The Therapeutic-Relaxation Combo Massage is for those who need to reduce both stress and muscular pain and tension. (30-90 minutes)

The Pre-natal Massage is to help mom-to-be relax and ease areas of pain and tension.  (30-60 minutes)

The Fertility Massage  is for those who are having trouble conceiving in a timely matter. Bodywork techniques are designed to relax and balance the body to encourage conception.  (This is a 90-120 minute service with acupressure, reflexology and essential oils added.)

Base Massage Rate: 

Weekdays; $35 for 30-minutes/$45 for 45-minutes/$55 for 60-minutes/$65 for 75-minutes/$75 for 90-minutes

Weekends/Holidays; $45 for 30-minutes/$70 for 60-minutes/$90 for 90-minutes


SECOND STEP...Simply add on time and/or services to your base massage. (optional)

Essential oil massage blend added to coconut massage oil.  (Complimentary)

Yoga Stretch/Pose Recommendation (1-2 complimentary, upon request)

Hot Stones (add $10 to any length of massage)

Cupping ($10 for each add. 15 minutes)

Abdominal Massage Castor oil pack, heat and extra essential oils ($10)

Foot Reflexology ($10 for add. 15 minutes)

Acupressure ($10 for each add. 15 minutes)

Facial Massage ($20 for 15 minutes; Includes hot towels, essential oil and warm bamboo.)

Aroma-therapeutic Body Balancing (Comparable to the Raindrop® and AromaTouch® techniques.) Inhalation and application of seven essential oils ($10)








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