"I have been going to Desiree for massages monthly for some time now and she is excellent! She does a great job and her prices are reasonable. I guarantee you won't be disappointed - call now and schedule. She is only 15 minutes from Marienville - in the beautiful quiet community of Clarington". - B. O'Rourke Marienville, PA

(Fertility Massage) "Desiree has a powerfully healing touch. She was very considerate and knowledgeable, explaining each part of the massage and the benefits it would have. And wouldn't you know, less than three weeks later we found out we were expecting our first little girl!" -Jess R. Franklin, PA

"I would highly recommend Desiree's massage and therapy services to anyone!!! She is a professional and excels in the trade and has a wonderful, cute facility in Clarington, PA. I am quite excited about the opportunity that she may provide classes to help married couples provide therapeutic massage and care for each other. My wife always wants me to massage her feet and learning Desiree's reflexology techniques may go a long way in earning some brownie points or deescalating a stressful day". -Brady Rex, Clarion

"At my place of employment, we have a list of value statements, one of which states - "Those who take care of others must also take care of themselves".  It is important for everyone to take the time to address our mental and physical stresses, and the services provided by Desiree at Integrative Massage and Wellness help with both.  I would highly recommend Desiree to anyone!  I have yet to come across anyone who is as qualified and caring". - J.M., Clarion

"Desiree helped me after a car accident a few years ago. Through her knowledge and gentle hands, she worked out all of the trauma in my body and not only relieved my pain, but also the anxiety I felt at the time. I highly recommend her work!" -M. Briese 

"Desiree was amazing! The studio is awesome...very clean and put together. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in need of a wonderful and relaxing massage!" -Deanna Ridge, Clarion

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