DESIREE ZELLER, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Escape to the Forest for an hour or more of Wellness and Rejuvenation"

Spa Massage



If you are looking for a service to relax, rejuvenate, pamper and for wellness, this is the menu for you.


As always, a complimentary essential oil blend of your choice will be added to your 100% pure coconut massage oil.  Complimentary water and tea is offered in my waiting room with a view.   I offer back to back, consecutive services for couples/duos. No in-office services for groups of three or more are offered at this time. However, groups have spent the day at their camp/cabin/lodge and have taken turns to come out and receive their services at different points during the day.  Larger groups have extended their appointments over a couple of days.

Swedish Relaxation Massage Soothing, light to medium firm, full body massage with long, flowing strokes. Deeply relaxing.  Great option to relax and help ease stress, anxiety and tension.   60-minute service.  $55 weekdays / $70 weekends & holidays

Neck, Back & Shoulder Swedish Massage Focused tension tamer. 30-minute service. $35 weekdays / $45 weekends & holidays

Sticks and Stones Massage Integrates hot stones, warm bamboo and Swedish techniques.  This deeply relaxing service is sure to please. One stroke with a hot basalt stone is the equivalent of five manual strokes.  (Please note some health conditions are contraindicated with heat.)   75-minute service. $75 weekdays / $90 weekends & holidays

Head, Hand, Foot Reflexology Massage Massage and pressure are applied to points of the head, hands and feet. A great technique to stimulate the body's bio-electric flow and release of endorphins to feel balanced and relaxed. 60-minute service.  $55 weekdays / $70 weekends & holidays

Foot Reflexology Massage Focused session. 30-minute service. $35 weekdays / $45 weekends & holidays


Add-on Services

Want to pamper yourself even more? Choose an add on service to enhance your session. 

Aromatherapy Facial Massage  Massage to facial muscles; warm bamboo, hot towels, cool stones, coconut oil and pure essential oils are all integrated for this rejuvenating experience. (Please note that this is not a "facial" performed by a licensed aesthetician.) 15-minute service. $20 

Foot Reflexology Massage 15-minute service. $10

Aromatherapy Epsom Foot Soak and Minty Sugar Scrub $10 

Aroma-therapeutic Body Balancing Seven essential oils will be inhaled and applied individually to spine or feet. $10







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