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Desiree is a Natural Options Aromatherapy® Certified Aromatherapist created and instructed by George E.Cox,  Ohio Director-National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).



"I have suffered from bursitis for several years that worsens with physical activity.  Being the mother of five active teens and having a farm makes for lots of activity.  I have been a fan of massage for relaxation since I met Desiree. When she started her aromatherapy training, I was supportive and interested.  The cream with essential oils she mixes for my hips has been wonderful. I have been using since December 2014 and have had great results. Physical activity that used to stop me in my tracks or require a few days recovery no longer hinders me. I still have some occasional pain with strenuous activity but nothing that sidelines me."  -Heather Gourley of New Bethlehem


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