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Menu of Services



Included within all services;

  • Complimentary 100% pure essential oil blend of your choice (optional)
  • 100% pure coconut massage oil and organic cream
  • Essential oil based muscle rub to areas of most pain and tension (upon request)
  • Organic tea (fall-spring) or fruit infused water (summer)  
  • One or two Yoga asanas/stretches beneficial for your specific restriction (upon request)

Menu Of Services

Swedish Massage Soothing, light to firm pressure, full body massage with long, flowing strokes. Deeply relaxing.  Great option to relax and help ease mild depression, headache, stress, anxiety, muscle pain and tension.   60-minute full body service $55  ($70 Saturdays) 75-minute full body service with extra focus $65 ( $80 Saturdays)

Aromatherapy Facial Massage  Massage to facial muscles; warm bamboo, hot towels, cool stones, coconut oil and pure essential oils are all integrated for this rejuvenating experience. (Please note that this is not a "facial" performed by a licensed aesthetician.) 15-minute add-on service. $20 

Foot Reflexology Massage A great technique to stimulate the body's bio-electric flow and release of endorphins to feel balanced and relaxed.  Enhance your massage. 15-minute add-on service. $10

Aroma-therapeutic Body Balancing Seven essential oils will be inhaled and applied individually to spine or feet to hel with body's natural balance; homeostasis. add-on service $10

Massage Cupping Suction cups create negative pressure and stretch soft tissue away from body. Increase healing circulation to the area. Great for stagnation, trigger points and "knots"  Alternative to Myofascial Massage 15 minute add-on service for back $10. 

Aromatherapy Epsom Foot Soak and Minty Sugar Scrub Warm and exfoliate feet. Nice start for a massage. Add-on service  $10 

Neck, Back & Shoulder Swedish Massage Focused tension tamer. Ideal for tension headache and computer neck. 30-minute service $35 ($45 Saturdays)

Pre-natal Massage helps mom-to-be relax and ease areas of pain and tension.  Second and Third Trimesters are done side-lying.  "At risk" pregnancies may have restrictions. Please consult ahead at time of scheduling. 30-min upper body $35 ($45 Saturdays) , 60-min. full body $55 ($70 Saturdays)

Fertility Massage  is for those who are having trouble conceiving in a timely matter. Bodywork techniques are designed to relax and balance the body to encourage conception.  (This is a 90-120 minute service with acupressure, reflexology and essential oils added.) Call for special pricing.

Sticks and Stones Massage Integrates hot stones, warm bamboo and Swedish techniques.  This deeply relaxing service is sure to please. One stroke with a hot basalt stone is the equivalent of five manual strokes.  (Please note some health conditions are contraindicated with heat.)   75-minute service $75 ($90 Saturdays)

Global Style Massage Menu (coming soon)

Thai Massage for Table

Zen Facial Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

Indian Head and Foot Massage


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