Desiree's Style



Desiree has an Integrative approach to her massage, drawing from several bodywork modalities to help ease tension, reduce muscular and joint pain, headaches, anxiety, stress.and depression.

The following are modality and techniques used;

"Swedish Massage" are long and rhythmic techniques used for relaxation and to warm up muscles, preparing for firmer techniques.

"Muscle Stripping" is a gentle technique applying firm pressure and following the direction of the muscle fibers.  A noninvasive  technique used to ease muscular tender points and trigger points.  (Used as needed)

"Hot Stones" One stroke with a hot lava/basalt stone is the equivalent of five manual strokes.  Great for connective tissue, arthritic joints and tight muscles. ( Add on service)

"Massage Cupping" Excellent, gentle deep tissue technique. Massage cups create a suction and tissue is pulled up and out rather than traditional manual compression. Cupping is as or even more effective than deep tissue techniques without the pain. Results are longer lasting, increasing; circulation, lymph flow, range of motion of joints, cell nourishment while decreasing pain and breaking up muscle fiber adhesions. Three minutes of cupping is as effective as twenty minutes of myofascial trigger point therapy. Stationary cups are also placed on acupressure and reflex points for no longer than 3 minutes.  Reddish marks or "cup kisses" may persist from a few hours in most up to even a week in some individuals. This is normal, does not hurt and is a result of the suction increasing circulation to the surface of the skin. (Usually an add on service)

"Reflexology" and "Acupressure"  Gentle pressure is applied to points on feet and body that help enhance the massage, bringing deep relaxation and easing pain and tension. ( Included and add-on service)

"Aromatherapy"  A little extra pleasantry to help enhance the massage. The sense of smell has a direct relationship to the limbic system, often referred to as the "seat of our emotions."  (Included with all services)






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